About South Gate CrossFit

It starts with IMPACT

At South Gate CrossFit, our commitment to delivering exceptional results, creating leadership, and building community isn't just about providing the highest quality of fitness available, for our team the commitment to deliver begins by creating sustainable community impact.

Training Athletes, Creating Leaders, Building Community

South Gate CrossFit is a locally owned CrossFit affiliate located in one of Los Angeles's highest populated neighborhoods. Our team is focused on providing the community with many of the exceptional strength and conditioning benefits provided by CrossFit, equally we believe this multi-disciplinary athletic is responsible for building personal integrity, demanding personal accountability, and conditioning leadership for a better tomorrow. Our goal is to provide an accessible and affordable program that can be utilized throughout the community. We believe more lives touched equals greater impact.

Why South Gate CrossFit?

  • Community Leadership Development
  • Affordability in Programing
  • Physical + Nutritional Coaching 
  • The Most Fun You Will Ever Have Working Out 

Meet Team South Gate

We would now like to inspire others beyond our families that may not have the same opportunities as we have had, to share all that Crossfit and the community has shared with each of us.

Located in one of Los Angeles's most condensed suburbs, it is our goal to connect the community of South Gate on an unprecedented scale. As a team, we are aware of the many issues our community faces today. From obesity to crime, CrossFit is our way of giving back to the place we call home. As a team, we recognize the opportunity CrossFit has provided many individuals, families, and communities. We have witnessed changes in others which would otherwise seem unimaginable; we have watched those weak and in need grow into strong, pioneering leaders. For each of us, CrossFit isn't just a means for becoming fit, it's a means of building character, close relationships, and is a source for interpersonal strength and connectivity. It is with this knowledge we bring these opportunities to South Gate, it is with this understanding we work to create strength and solidarity in our community.

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