Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started at South Gate CrossFit?

At South Gate CrossFit first time workouts start with an intro workout. Free of charge, our intro workouts are a great way to get introduced to CrossFit as well as the community. For more information on how to sign up visit: (we will need to link in your sign up page or email here).

Am I fit enough to do this?

YES. In fact, CrossFit is single handedly responsible for bringing military personnel, professional athletes, and housewives under one roof. We think that's pretty awesome! As difficult as programming may appear from the outside, at South Gate CrossFit we recognize not every fitness journey begins the same way. From day one our team works hands on with athletes (at any stage) to ensure everyone has a safe, effective, and efficient environment to train in.

Will I see immediate results?

CrossFit's unique programming structure pushes athletes at any phase in their fitness journey. CrossFit's programming structure seeks to create a deliberate attempt to optimize physical competence. Many benefits range from, but aren't limited to, improving: strength . stamina . endurance . flexibility . speed . power . coordination . agility . balance . accuracy. Other benefits of CrossFit include loss in body fat and increase in muscle density. Our facility is equipped to provide our athletes with the tools necessary to achieve their health and fitness goals. At the same rate, we recognize the choice to commit is in your hands.

Is it expensive?

When you become a member of South Gate CrossFit, you become part of the community. There's no doubt that CrossFit programming offers premium benefits, however, at CrossFit South Gate we strive to create an experience that is accessible and affordable. Please see our ( pricing link to pricing page) for more details.

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